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New Poll on 2022 Midterm Election Should Have Nancy Pelosi Terrified


Who’s the boss? Biden says he’s ‘not supposed to be answering all these questions’ when pressed by media

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Trump Effect: New Poll From Swing Districts Is Catastrophic For Democrats


War drums: While Biden busy going to ‘war’ with Georgia, China may have its eyes on Taiwan

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Biden Admin Goes Woke, No Longer Allows Terms ‘Illegal,’ ‘Alien’

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Cancel Culture Leftists Worried About Being Cancelled (Lauren Wolfe Gets Fired)

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Democrats Are Worried Republicans In Congress Might Kill Them, AOC Says She Narrowly Escaped Death

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I Became a Congresswoman to Stop Socialism in America

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Media Shills For Socialism, Says Wanting Trump For Economy Is ‘Selfishness’ – Wacky MOLE

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Salaried People Are Going to Lose More Jobs: Mahesh Vyas Of CMIE | Faye D’SOuza

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Panicked Joy Behar Of ‘The View’ Urges Change To Electoral College Because Trump Might Win Again (VIDEO) – Zone News 24

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Tensions Between Israel and Iran Mount Following Strikes in Syria

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COVID-19 Surges, spikes: How worried should we be?

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Palestinians: The Priorities of Muslim ‘Scholars’ During COVID-19

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Dow Futures Soar But Everyone’s Screaming ‘Dot-Com’ Bubble Again

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The Hamas-Houthi Plan to Attack Arabs as Well as Israel

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5 Reasons I’m Worried Meghan Markle Is Using Prince Harry

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Panic Sets In, [CB]s Worried Countries Are Going To Stop Borrowing – Episode 2221a