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Nancy Pelosi Claims Biden’s Doing Awesome Job on the Border, Gets Hit with Facts


Company gets death threats – and explosive sales – after launching ‘I identify as being vaccinated’ ‘passports’

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Biden’s Executive Order is Latest Attack on America’s Elections

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Maryland Teacher’s Aide Gets ‘Administrative Leave’ After Masturbating While Kids Watched On Zoom Call

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Biden’s Early Days: Breaking Bad? – LN Radio Videocast

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Two Leftists Debate Which of Them Hates Free Speech More (Satire_

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COMMENTARY: Time is the Most Valuable Gift We Have, Don’t Waste It this Holiday Living in COVID Fear

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Alyssa Milano Chirps at Ted Cruz Over COVID Aid, He Makes Her Regret It

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Censorship: Erasing History one Book at a Time – Conservative Five TV

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Trump is Tweeting Independent Media Sources, Including David Harris JR, he is Going Around MSM- are you Watching?

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2nd Presidential Debate Moderator worked as an intern for Biden in college

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Marvel’s Avengers News: How The Gear, Cosmetics and Microtransaction System Works

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College student works as a delivery man amid COVID-19 epidemic

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George Soros Launders $40M Into Anti-Trump Super PAC From Various NGO Front Groups

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Live: Xi’an Symphony Orchestra and Choir perform 10 classical music works at Mount Hua