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Judge Overturns California Assault Weapons Ban

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BREAKING: Judge Strikes Down California’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Blasts Misleading ‘News Media’ for Gun Hyperbole

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Israel, IDF, UFOs, Matthew Lohmeier, CRT, Steven Crowder, Red Flag Law

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Minnesota Mayor Says Police DON’T Always Need Weapons!

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Shock Video: SWAT Officer Shot in Head During Standoff

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Joe Biden Moves To Ban “Assault Weapons” Immediately After Colorado!

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BREAKING: Biden Wastes No Time; Pushes Aggressive Assault Weapons Ban After Colorado Shooting

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Biden Calls For Ban on “Assault Weapons” and “High-Capacity Magazines” Following Boulder Shooting

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Japan’s Biological Terror! – The Horror of Unit 731 – WW2 Special

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Ban Assault Weapons NOW! Believe Would-Be Murderers Will Follow The Law CAMPUS CARRY

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‘Like Throwing a Match Into a Tinderbox’: Gabbard Slams Pelosi’s ‘Enemy Within the House’ Remark

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Reprehensible Fascist Beijing Biden Wants to Disarm the Poor


Chicago: Man released on $500 bond for gun case ends up being arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend

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Ken Cucinnelli: Pelosi Ordered Crew-Served Automatic Weapons on Light Armored Vehicles for Inaugural


Queens woman facing 25-year prison sentence for possessing toy guns and inoperable video props

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Army Foils Pakistani Terrorists’ Bid To Smuggle Weapons Through Kashmir, Recovers Rifles, Ammunition

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Faulty Weapons By Ordnance Factory Claim 27 Indian Soldiers Lives In Last 6 Years | NewsMo

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Pakistan Taking Help Of Drones To Drop Weapons For Terrorists Near Border In Jammu & Kashmir

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Putin: Russian Navy to get hypersonic nuclear weapons

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Iran’s Sprint to the Bomb