American Media’s ‘Big Bot’ Conspiracy Exposed

Authored by Daniel Greenfield via Sultan Knish blog, Bots. Is there anything they can’t do? The Internet Research Agency indictment accuses a troll bot farm of trying to influence the election in what the media claims is the worst attack on America since Pearl Harbor….

Mark Levin Show: Robert Mueller is now focused on a business deal that Jared Kushner had in New York – YouTube

Robert Mueller has screwed up a lot in the past and is now trying to take out Kushner. They are also squeezing Rick Gates to get Paul Manafort. None of this has to do with collusion with Russia. The only collusion we know of is…

Mark Levin Show: Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russians (Most interesting parts from 02-16-2018 show) – YouTube

Robert Mueller has indicted 13 Russians for interfering in our elections. They indicted 13 trolls who operate out of Russia, and live in Russia, so how are they going to get jurisdiction there. We will never get our hands on them as they are in…

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