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Another week, another half million for the Germans – WW2 – 108 – September 19, 1941

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Ginsburg told Granddaughter days before death “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed”

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Indian soldiers killed in China border clash were unarmed and surrounded, families say

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Why I don’t support #BlackLivesMatter

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Protesters gather in London calling for an end to systemic racism

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Surrounded by violence and vandalism, Hong Kong residents worry about the future

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Are WHO Findings Trustworthy? Widespread Lab Animal Sale in China? Who is Patient Zero?

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End Of The Growth Economy

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Helicopter Surrounded by Red Haze From Australia Bush Fire Smoke

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Millions Celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City

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Protesters burn tires in southern Iraq in renewed anti-government rage – Middle East

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China urges UK to exercise prudence on Hong Kong-related issues

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Hong Kong Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng attacked by protesters in London

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Hong Kong minister falls to the ground after being mobbed in London

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Girl surrounded and beaten by group of rioters

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Michael Bloomberg’s Top 10 Gun Controls

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Ivanka Compares Trump to Thomas Jefferson After Impeachment Vote

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Kanye West’s Jesus is King: A Review

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Lebanon Troops Disperse Protesters Blocking Roads

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The U.S. Army Has a Plan To Beat Russia’s Electronic Warfare Battleplans

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The Real Reason You Should See the Movie ‘Joker’

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Singapore’s Military Is Small But Can Kill