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How the German Empire Provoked Ottoman Jihad in WWI


Black man specifically targeting “military-looking” white men shoots five in 20 hour spree


As media blames attacks on ‘white supremacy’, another Asian-American man severely beaten by black suspect

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White Supremacy is the Cause of All Racial Violence, Claims Bigot Jennifer Ho

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THURSDAY PANEL IS BACK!! George Floyd, White supremacy, Woke culture, and Solutions

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Sen. Tim Scott Hits Back at CNN Host Don Lemon’s ‘Woke Supremacy’

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Forget ANTIFA, Biden Says “White Supremacy” Is The Biggest Domestic Terror Threat

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Answering the Top-6 Questions About Nullification Strategy

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Why Leftists Dwell On “White Supremacy” | The demand exceeds the supply

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Nineteen Times Donald Trump Has Denounced White Supremacy

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Trump refuses to denounce White Supremacy | US presidential debate analysis

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Who Decides? James Madison on Interpreting the Constitution

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Terry Crews Stands Up Against BLM, Calls Black Supremacist Rhetoric ‘Unacceptable’

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Students and Faculty at Dartmouth Sign Letter Urging School to Fight ‘Structural Racism’

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Violent BLM and Antifa Thugs Burn Elk Statue in Portland For Well, No Reason