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The Secret Life of Statues – Rabbit Hole Videocast

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Who Was Stephen Foster?

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Who Was Frederick Douglass?

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Who Was Andrew Jackson?

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Who Was Thomas Jefferson?

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Who Was Robert E. Lee?

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Who Was Theodore Roosevelt?

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Communists Attack Statues of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt in Portland

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Probe Agencies Taking Advantage Of Element Of Good Faith Provided By Statues, Says Rizwan Merchant

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Saving America’s Monuments: George Washington

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S. Korea’s privately owned comfort women statues spark controversy in Japan

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France’s Cathedrals on Fire: ‘The Final Stage of De-Christianization’?

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As Statues Topple and Cities Burn, Left Wing Media Calls New York Protester “Vandal”


Pennsylvania county commissioner now calling for the removal of Confederate statues in Gettysburg

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan spent £30,000 on boarding up statues in Westminster

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GOP Senators, Conservative Figures Release Video Decrying ‘Mob’ Attacking Police and Statues – Judicial Watch

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We Hold These Truths: Our Answer To The Mob

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“The Darkening Age” Author Catherine Nixey: “They Mutilated Statues All Over The Ancient World”

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Sen. Tammy Duckworth: “Listen To The Argument” For Removing Statues Of George Washington

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Greenfield: The Mobs are Coming for the Progressives » Politichicks.com

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Feds ARREST Antifa “Ringleader,” Trump Deploys Unit To Protect Statues On July 4th From Far Left