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Dems Defend Biden’s $2.5T Spending Extravaganza: ‘Paid Leave Is Infrastructure’

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Study Finds No Economic Benefits Will Come from Biden’s Tax Hikes to Fund Massive Infrastructure Bill

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Trump Blasts Biden’s Tax Hike As “Globalist Betrayal”

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Here Are Some of the Most Outrageous Line Items In Biden’s $2.2T ‘Infrastructure’ Bill

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BREAKING: Trump Unloads on Biden for ‘Globalist Betrayal,’ Blasts ‘Cruel and Heartless Attack on the American Dream’

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BREAKING: Biden Preparing For Another Massive Multi-Trillion Spending Push

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Universities Making Out Like Bandits From ‘COVID Stimulus’ Bill

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AZ: Two Second Amendment Sanctuary Bills Clear the House & Senate Chambers! | GOA

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Dan Crenshaw Wrecks Biden’s COVID ‘Relief’ Bill He Claims Doesn’t Actually Provide Relief

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The Economics and Ethics of Government Default, Part I

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A President and Governor in the Crosshairs – LN Radio Videocast

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WHO Absolves China of Blame For COVID After Visiting Virus Lab For Just 3 Hours

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MASS HYSTERIA: Maxine Waters Says Trump ‘Should Be Charged With Premeditated Murder’

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Trump Reportedly Regrets Concession Video, Says He Won’t Resign


LA mayor issues last-minute veto of plan to reinvest $88 million from LAPD – must answer “call of history”

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BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Makes Dramatic Exit from Walter Reed

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The Catastrophic F-35 Just Got Worse

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Big Fires Are Big Business In California

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9-11: Top 3 Ways Government Has Made Things Worse

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Thailand: How to avoid getting stuck in traffic | Global Ideas

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Pandemic Escape? Kids Are Spending Way More Time Online

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Economist Slams Fed’s Response to Pandemic

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Rick Wilson Scorched For “Lincoln Project” Spending, Past Tweets By Colbert Cartoon News Anchors

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George Soros Launders $40M Into Anti-Trump Super PAC From Various NGO Front Groups