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As conditions rapidly deteriorate for troops, National Guardsman found dead while stationed at US Capitol

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Inside China’s Human Experimentation & Gene Editing to Create ‘GMO’ Army

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German Army Surrounded: You Did Nazi That Coming! – WW2 – 129- February 13, 1942


Nearly a dozen soldiers hospitalized, two in critical condition after ingesting ‘unknown substance’

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Dozens arrested in Hong Kong under security law; New self-destruct system among Chinese soldiers


Welcome to 2021: Dozens of cars burned, police attacked as ‘enrichers’ set off molotov cocktails

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The Case Is Being Built, Crime Of The Century, The Eagle Has Landed – Ep. 2354

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13 Serving Defence Members to Face Administrative Action After Afghan Inquiry

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Army Reserve Announces Discipline for Supervisor of Soldiers Who Appeared at Dem Convention

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Faulty Weapons By Ordnance Factory Claim 27 Indian Soldiers Lives In Last 6 Years | NewsMo

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India-China Standoff: India Today Talks Exclusively To Soldiers Stationed At Eastern Ladakh

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PM Modi Lauds Soldiers At LAC, Says MPs Stand United In Supporting Our Forces | Monsoon Session

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Myanmar soldiers testify atrocities against the Rohingya | DW News

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‘My son wasn’t a sucker’: Joe Biden reacts to report that Trump denigrated soldiers

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CIA Democrats Running in 2020 (Web Exclusive)

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German 10. Panzerdivision Loads Marder IFV For NATO Mission

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Mali soldiers celebrate after ousting president in military coup

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PM Modi’s Message To Pakistan, China On I-Day: ‘From LAC To LoC, Our Soldiers Gave Befitting Reply’

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Ukrainian Soldiers Conduct Air Assault via Helicopters, U.S Military Training

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PLA soldiers build pontoon bridge to deal with floods

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Knowing Better: Does “Quartering Of Soldiers” In Third Amendment Apply To Police Militarization?

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Chinese soldiers celebrate unforgettable birthday amid battle against floods

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Taiwan holds five-day war games in simulated China assault

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Villagers present boiled eggs to soldiers battling floods

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Trump wears mask while visiting wounded soldiers, medical workers at Walter Reed hospital

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The Village Of Braves In Ladakh : Chushot, A Village Full Of Soldiers

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Indian soldiers killed in China border clash were unarmed and surrounded, families say

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PM Modi Reaches Leh to Review Security Situation, Interact With Soldiers Amid Stand-Off With China