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Florida Sheriff Explains Riots vs. Protests Slow Enough for Liberals to Understand: ‘Pay Attention’

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Trump Leaves Open Possibility of 2024 Run, Says He’ll Decide After Midterms

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Dem War on Trump’s Economy Begins With Massive Climate Bill

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Report: DNC Changed Julia Louis-Dreyfus Joke Fearing it Would Open ‘the Dementia Thing’

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CULTURE CRISIS: NY College Student Suspended For Social Media Post Saying “A Man is a Man and a Woman is a Woman”

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Biden To Begin Prioritizing COVID Business Loans Based On Race

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SHOW NOTES: Twitter Blocked Our Voter Fraud Evidence

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1983 Flashback: Top BLM Associate Detonated Bomb In US Capitol Building

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6 Things We CAN’T Get Used to in the USA

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How Marvel’s Avengers’ Matchmaking issues are ACTUALLY due to bad Concept Design

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Simply South: Top 5 News Stories From South India | NewsMo

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Don’t Trust Government: Warnings from Anti-Federalists and other Forgotten Founders

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It’s Time to Grow Up

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Nobel Laureate Calls COVID-19 Manmade


Community raises over $20K for officer beaten unconscious in Florida: ‘Not on our watch’

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The United Nations’ Institutional Racism


Guest on ‘The View’: Trump pointing to white people killed by police is ‘tossing red meat to his Klan-like base’