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College Students Shocked to Hear Joe Biden’s Comments on Genocide in China

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We’re Hiring Writers!

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There Is No Inflation If You Don’t Eat or Live in a Home – Swamponomics

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Doug Casey: ‘It’s Going to End Badly with Civil War’ – 21st Century Wire


Officials investigating burning of Black Lives Matter signs as a potential “hate crime”

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Chinese scientists achieve quantum computational advantage

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Facial recognition datasets are being widely used despite being taken down due to ethical concerns. Here’s how.

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Secret Trump Voters ARE REAL, New Research Shows Polling Is WRONG And Trump Might CRUSH Biden

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Nobel Prize: Virologists’ Hepatitis C research ‘saved millions of lives’ | DW News

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New Post-Debate National Poll has Biden Leading Trump by 13 Points Nationally

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New Conservative Website Aims to Battle Online Censorship

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US ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests Drive Global Online Race Debate

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FARRELL: China Is Exploiting America’s Universities To Steal Vital Research – Judicial Watch

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Anti-China sentiment in US at ‘historic high’, Pew Research survey finds, amid friction over trade, coronavirus and human rights

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U. Texas-Austin Proposes Political Litmus Tests on Hiring and Promotions for Diversity

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Has China’s Military Deeply Infiltrated US Medical Research?

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China’s Greater Bay Area stymied by lack of coordination and research facilities, review finds

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US National Library of Medicine Study: 5G Technology and Induction of Coronavirus in Skin Cells

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Apple Security Research Device Program Draws Mixed Reactions

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Russian Hackers Allegedly Trying to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Research

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Beijing’s consulate in Houston is ‘epicentre’ of research theft by Chinese military, US diplomat says

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Pete Buttigieg Hired by Notre Dame to ‘Restore Trust’ in Politics

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Germany’s Weapons Exports Flouted EU Rules For Decades – Study

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Chinese research ship launched to boost exploration activities, including in South China Sea

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Here’s Why the S&P 500’s Defiant Rally Will Continue

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Dow Futures Creep Higher – But Stocks Are Trapped in a Holding Pattern

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China says vaccine research underway, no need to steal from U.S.

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U.S., UK, Canada accuse Russia of hacking vaccine research

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Hackers Look to Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Research

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Periscope (July 14, 2020)

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Vast majority of US research institute disclosure violations related to China

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This Sleeper Chart is Forecasting a Sizzling U.S. Stock Market Rally

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Interview with Brazilian research team after coronavirus samples found in late Nov. 2019