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Media Claim Wrath Of God Is Coming For Trump Supporters…While Promoting ‘Satan Shoes’ –Wacky MOLE

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Can Las Vegas Recover from Covid?

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MSNBC Joy Reid: Republicans Would Trade Tax Cuts To Say N-Word

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WATCH: Joy Reid Says Texas Only Wants To Open So Minorities Can “Get Back To Work, Make Them Steaks”

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“I am disgusted by what I just saw” Joy Reid sounds off on Trump removing mask on balcony

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Goes Too Far With Trump Attack, Suggests Trump Faking To Get Out of Debates

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Joy Reid says her cell is filled with texts from people who doubt “Trump actually has covid”

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Schumer says he’d love to make D.C. and Puerto Rico States and ending the filibuster is “on the table”

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Cohen accuses Trump of exhibiting “contempt” for woman in Town Hall because she’s black – Zone News 24

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“Not Made on This Earth”—Secret Pentagon UFO Program

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Biden: Trump Has Surrendered To The Coronavirus, “There Is No Leadership Here”

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Joy Reid: Republican Party Could Continue After Losing White Majority; “It Worked In South Africa”