Donald Trump is Forcing American Blacks to Pick a Side

The most heinous reality that the straight-shooting 45th POTUS has uncovered is this: a good portion of the leftist media see most blacks and other dark-skinned minorities as sub-humans. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Donald Trump is Forcing American Blacks to Pick a Side

What About Social-Media Neutrality?

Most arguments about “net neutrality” neglect an important reality: The internet most of us use is already far from neutral, thanks to the profit-focused algorithms and opaque content guidelines by which social-media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram govern their sites. Through these personalized…

Nancy Pelosi to be guest judge on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’

Yes, really. For those unfamiliar with the show, the program is a reality competition series that features putting drag queens through a series of challenges that culminates each week with the top two contestants lip-syncing for the power to send one of their peers home….

VR to ThuleanPerspective Re His VR on Adsense – YouTube

I am glad you are able to monetize the majority of your content. This is not the reality for many creators. Support my work via donation: Patreon: Makersupport: Hatreon: My literary works: Blogger: Wordpress: My other platforms: Twitter: Gab:…

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