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“WE’RE THE GUYS WITH THE GUNS”: Woke General Goes Rouge, Calls Trump Supporters Nazis, Claims He Feared of a Trump Coup

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Now We Know Who Personally Made the Order for Fox News to Call Arizona Early

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Explosive Report: U.S. Government Deleted COVID Data at Request of Chinese Researchers

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WATCH: ACE Hardware Employees Enforce Mask Mandate With BASEBALL BAT

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WATCH: ‘Morning Joe’ Throws Hissy Fit After Another Trump Conspiracy Was Debunked

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Connecticut Second Graders Shown Cartoon of Scared Little Girl and Man with an Erection

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The Book Club: King Lear by Shakespeare with Douglas Murray

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Psaki Asked What Biden’s Done To Help Small Biz: ‘He Nominated A Woman To Lead’ SBA

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Coronavirus Proven to Have Mutated Exactly as I Predicted, Chaos Ensues

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If You Give Up Now Then The Fight Is Lost Forever

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Led By ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Member Michael Che, Black Lives Matter Supporters Mock 9/11 – Zone News 24

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Netherlands Refuses To Mandate Face Masks; Sweden Says They Are ‘Pointless’

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Says Kids Will “Definitely be in the Classroom” This Fall

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FIR Against Rhea In Sushant Death Case: Can Abetment To Suicide Be Proven? | To The Point

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Can We Trust An FDA Approved, DARPA Funded, Under-the-Skin Biosensor to Detect Signs of Illness?

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UK Study: COVID-19 Antibodies Fade Quickly, Rendering Vaccines Pointless

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Twitter Hack Proves Bitcoin Is Still Only Good for One Thing: Crime