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Florida Deputies being told not to enforce an anti-rioting law unless ‘absolutely necessary’

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Did DMX die from the COVID VAX?

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Biden Puts Anti-Gun Activist in Charge of Firearms Bureau

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Cartel Smugglers Toss Babies Into River, Over Border Wall & Violently Gang Rape Kids

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Iowa House Passes Gun Rights Legislation That Gun Owners are Going to Love

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Dem-Dominated Senate Passes $1.9 TRILLION ‘COVID Relief Bill’

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Flashback: Rush Limbaugh’s Legendary CPAC Speech, ‘Who We Conservatives Are …’

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Trump Goes on Newsmax TV And Drops Bomb About a New Social Media

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Passing the Freedom Around


Report: Economic ‘relief’ gives millions to foreign countries, keeps amnesty pipeline open for MS-13 gang

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Comey Had It in Writing That Hillary Was Behind Trump-Russia Smear

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WILL WITT LIVE Episode #16: RIP to RBG and the Left’s Sanity

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Chelsea on SCOTUS vacancy, says she’s “worried about kind of everything I care about with the court in the balance”

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RBG: A Legacy of Abortion | Ep 324

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‘There Is No Higher Moral Ground Than To Stop Farm Bills From Passing’, Says TMC MP Mahua Moitra

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Biden says election winner should get to pick SCOTUS nominee, what he said in 2016 was different – Zone News 24

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Funeral attendees in Chicago shot at by passing speeding vehicle, say police

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New round of flood passing through China’s Chongqing Municipality

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Passing farmer pulls driver out from car on fire