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Biden Eyes EXPANDING Supreme Court, Announces Commission to ‘Study’ It


Former police chief who had discrimination complaints filed against him tapped to head U.S. Marshal Service

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CRINGE: Biden Completely Forgets Who His Secretary of Defense Is, Forgets The Name of the Pentagon

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Tell the Senate to Oppose Anti-Gun Cabinet Nominees | GOA

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Black Lives Matter Nominated for the Nobel Peace Price? The Hodgetwins Think That’s Stupid

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Black Lives Matter Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize!

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Could Judy Shelton Still Be Nominated to the Fed? – Swamponomics

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The Amy Coney Barrett Opinions that the Left are Most Afraid of

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How Things Have Changed: Supreme Court Edition

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Democrats Fume and Sound off on Twitter as #BlockBarrett Trends

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WATCH: Amy Coney Barrett accepts Trump’s nomination “I love the United States and I love the United States Constitution”

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A look at the Palestinian Terror Campaign and who Supports them in the US House of Reps. (Tlaib and AOC) Exposes Fed. Supported

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Two Women are Clear Frontrunners for Nominee to Replace Ginsburg – Zone News 24

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Nobel Peace Prize for Trump? | Ep 319

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The Atlantic Calls to “End the Nobel Peace Prize” Because of Trump Nominations – Zone News 24

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President Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize AGAIN For Helping Broker Deal Between Kosovo And Serbia – Zone News 24

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President Trump nominated for a SECOND Nobel Peace Prize – Zone News 24

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Trump Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize Over Israel Peace Deal, Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal

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Kayleigh McEnany Responds to Trump Nobel Peace Prize Nomination – Zone News 24

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Donald Trump Nominated For the Nobel Peace Prize After News of Israel-UAE Peace Deal

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Trump Nominated for a Nobel Prize: He Should Refuse it if He Wins!

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