Dems harassing Gina Haspel: Virtue-signaling bullies

Today’s left is as clueless as clueless gets.  They seem to believe that there is a moral equivalency between hard-core terrorists and CIA agents whose job it is to prevent further attacks. VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Dems harassing Gina Haspel: Virtue-signaling bullies

Afghanistan: Insurgent Attacks on Civilians Escalate

Increased insurgent attacks on civilians in Afghanistan have left victims’ families and survivors in dire need of financial, medical, and psychosocial support. The Afghan government should ensure programs to assist victims of attacks by the Taliban and Islamic State-linked armed groups reach those in need….

Uzbekistan: Reporter Convicted but Spared Jail

Expand Uzbek journalist Bobomurod Abdullaev left court a free man on May 7.  © RFE/RL Uzbek Service (Berlin) – A city court in Uzbekistan’s capital on May 7, 2018, convicted a freelance reporter for calling for the overthrow of the government, but did not sentence…

Morgan Stanley: “Tesla’s Call Was The Most Unusual I Have Experienced In 20 Years”

We were not the only ones who were left speechless by Thursday’s Tesla Tanturm: Elon Musk’s bizarre, childish, perhaps intoxicated, meltdown during Tesla’s conference call, in which he interrupted analysts from Bernstein and RBC, cutting them off in the middle of the question for being…