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CULTURE WAR: MLB Boycotts Georgia Over New Voting Laws!

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Biden Told a Lie So Big About New GA Election Law That Even The Washington Post Called Him Out


Illegal immigrant, child sex offender convicted – spent last five years in sanctuary states Washington, Oregon

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Leftists Say Georgia’s New Voter Law Is ‘Racist’ – and As Usual, They’re Lying

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Iowa House Passes Gun Rights Legislation That Gun Owners are Going to Love

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Joe Biden…Gun Control is Coming

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Welcome Video

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What Are They Smoking? – The Uprising Videocast

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Fighting Domestic Terrorism: A New War on Terror? | America Uncovered


Report: 4,000 people have been shot in Mayor Lightfoot’s gun-controlled Chicago so far this year

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Congress Will Revoke Farm Sector Laws If Voted To Power, Says Rahul Gandhi At Rally In Punjab

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Rahul Gandhi’s 3-day Tractor Rally Against Farm Laws Begins Today In Punjab

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Sonia Gandhi Advises Congress Ruled States To Override Centre’s Farm Laws Using Article 254

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Oath of Office: What a Constitution Supporter Would Do

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Federal judge demands tougher privacy laws after son killed in apparent targeted shooting

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Will All District Attorneys Now Be Empowered to Investigate All Future Presidents?

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Ip Kwok-him on the national security law’s effect on Hong Kong LegCo election

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Rising tensions between China and the UK over new Hong Kong laws | DW News