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HUGE: Kevin McCarthy Announces He Will Strip Ilhan Omar Of Her Committee Spot

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Kevin Spacey Makes Hollywood Comeback as Cop Investigating a Pedophile. Yes, THAT Kevin Spacey!

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Kevin McCarthy Says ‘Defund the Police’ Should Never Come Up Again After Deadly Year for Cops

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Liz Cheney Was Just Given Word Her Days in House Leadership are Numbered

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Dogecoin, Liz Cheney, MS-13, Mexico City, CIA, LA Sheriff, Markle, Caitlyn Jenner, Marine Le Pen

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GOP Leader McCarthy Offers a Prediction About Republicans’ Chances in 2022

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BREAKING: House to Take Action Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Radical Left-Wing Violence

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Biden’s Inaugural Priest Is Under Investigation For ‘Adult’ Misconduct, Has Been Placed on Administrative Leave

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‘Worse Than Anticipated’: Top Republican Delivers Horrifying News About Biden’s Border Crisis

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McCarthy Files to Have Swalwell Booted From Intel Committee Over Ties to Chinese Spy


Lawmakers warn young illegal immigrant girls ‘being raped’ as Biden border policies endanger millions

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McCarthy Makes One Amazing Wager That GOP Retakes House in 2022

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WATCH: Things Get Awkward When McCarthy And Cheney Are Asked About Trump’s Upcoming CPAC Speech

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How living in China changed my view on Trump and US politics: Californian native

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Then They Came for Hercules: Facebook Removes Conservative Actor Kevin Sorbo’s Account with 500,000 Followers

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Pelosi Releases Statement Referring to GOP Rep. McCarthy as “(Q-CA)”

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BREAKING: Details Emerge From President Trump’s Private Meeting With Kevin McCarthy


Kevin Sorbo warns irony of ‘men with guns’ demanding gun bans ‘proves the need for the Second Amendment’

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Charter Rights violations against Canadian Citizens and Mainstream Media Covid Omissions

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Clueless GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy willing to toss Pres. Trump under the bus before election decided

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McCarthy calls Pelosi’s reaction to Trump getting COVID-19 “rather disgusting”

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COMING SOON: Never Apologize to the Mob

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The Only U.S. Slave To Get Reparations

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We are not the enemy: TikTok chief

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Ex-CIA Officer Kevin Shipp About the Shadow Government, Exotic Space Weapons and Covert Budgets – Humans Are Free

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Kevin McCarthy Blasts Ilhan Omar: Imagine Wanting To Dismantle A Country That Took You In As A Refugee

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Will New American CEO Change TikTok’s Image in US?