South Africa’s Brand New President Wants To Confiscate Land From White Farmers

Authored by Simon Black via, If you’ve been following much international news, you’ve probably heard that, after literally years of scandal, abuse, and incompetence, South Africa’s president Jacob Zuma was finally forced to resign last week. This is a big deal for South Africa….

Nigeria Loses a Treasured Justice Advocate

Oby Theodora Nwankwo, a Nigerian activist who tirelessly advocated for the International Criminal Court (ICC) and women’s rights, died on December 9, 2017. She was 61 years old. I got to know Oby through our common work to push back against unprincipled attacks by some…

Surveillance and Privacy Debate Reaches Pivotal Moment in Congress

The N.S.A. began collecting Americans’ international phone calls and emails without a warrant in October 2001 as part of the Bush administration’s post-Sept. 11 Stellarwind program. In 2008, after the program had come to light, Congress legalized a form of it by enacting Section 702…

Liberals ‘Drag’ Kids Into Early Sexualization – YouTube

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver goes undercover as ‘Rainbow Snatch’ to the Austin International Drag Festival to investigate how children are being over-sexualized and indoctrinated into fetish lifestyles. The drag festival was sated with raunchy language and provocative dancing with very young children participating. Astonishingly, the…

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