CNN Goes Dumpster Diving Looking for Clues 😆

CNN went looking for clues, and you’re never going to guess where! hahaha ⚠️ Order your “Liberalism: Find a Cure” or “Russian Bot” shirt from my online store here: – Available in t-shirt, long sleeve, or hoodie (and in multiple colors) 🚨 Subscribe 🚨…

Chris Matthews, #1 Legacy Media Flunky, Joked about Slipping Clinton a Bill Cosby Pill

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The Truth About Christmas – YouTube

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but not for every one! hahaha. Order my new book, The True Story of Fake News: How Mainstream Media Manipulates Millions, from Amazon here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. Order your…

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