Trump Offers No Tariff Exemptions In Conversations With World Leaders: Ross

US allies and trade partners – especially Canada, Japan and the EU – who were hoping that they would be exempt from Trump’s steel and aluminum import tariffs may be set for disappointment. Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said…

Economists’ Latest Leading Recessionary Indicator: Sex

When it comes to unorthodox indicators of the business cycle – especially when the business cycle is the second longest in history such as this one – economists have always had creative ways of “calculating” where in the cycle we are at any given moment….

Illegal Alien in Fla. Drug Bust Deported 3 Times, Easily Reentered U.S.

A startling drug trafficking case out of south Florida is especially disturbing because the illegal immigrant caught with more than half a million dollars in crystal methamphetamine had been deported three times in three months shortly before the drug bust. A few months after the…

FISA Fallout #2: Democrat Friendly Media Goes Into Propaganda Hyperdrive, DOW Loses 666 Points

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