Occult Literature 137: The Ars Goetia

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Diamond and Silk | Chit Chat Live, February 2, 2018

Diamond and Silk’s “Chit Chat Live” Friday Edition. Join the ladies as they discuss the week’s political headlines. http://www.DiamondandSilk.com http://www.DiamondandSilkStore.com (Get Your Trump Pins Now) Subscribe Now: www.youtube.com/c/theviewersview Like us on Facebook Diamond and Silk Follow us on Twitter @DiamondandSilk

Diamond and Silk “Chit Chat Live” | Jan. 15, 2018 – YouTube

Join Diamond and Silk for the Monday, January 15th edition of “Chit Chat Live” broadcast on YouTube Live. Making the news this week: – Martin Luther King’s birthday – Democrats refusing to attend the upcoming State of the Union Address – DACA; Its origin and…

D&S Chit Chat Live | December 4, 2017 – YouTube

Join Diamond and Silk for the weekly edition of, “D&S Chit Chat Live” for December 4, 2017. In the news: – Kate Steinly killer found not guilty – Federal arrest warrant issued for Jose Ines Garcia Zarate – Illegal immigration and sanctuary cities – Michael…

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