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$600 Disgrace – The Uprising Videocast

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The Good Aspects of Each Youtube Alternative (And What they Need to Improve)

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What Christmas Means To Us – Liberty Nation


Two women get into a violent fist fight over a PS5 at a Walmart – neither ends up with game console

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UK Home Secretary Encourages Neighbors to Snitch on Each Other For Breaking COVID Rules

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WATCH: Biden literally says voters DON’T DESERVE to know whether he’ll pack the Supreme Court

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Armenia, Azerbaijan blame each other for truce violations | DW News

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Ex-FBI director Comey testifies on Trump-Russia investigation; Another huge explosion in China | NTD

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Cat Sisters Cleaning Each Other

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TWO features that work against each other in Marvel’s Avengers

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Great Lakes water levels predicted to decline, Emergency Operations Center continues to provide technical assistance along Lake Michigan shoreline

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CBI Probe In Sushant Singh Case Deepens: Pithani, Cook Contradict Each Other, To Be Grilled Again

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The Revolution Turns On Itself: Portland ‘Wall of Moms’ Accused of ‘Anti-Blackness’

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Study Compares Addictiveness Between Different Social Media Platforms

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Twitter Elite Accounts Hijacked in ‘Unprecedented’ Cryptocurrency Scam

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Vikas Dubey Encounter: BJP and SP Spokespersons Target Each Other’s Party Over Links With Gangster

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Greenfield: Hundreds of Streets and Schools are Named After a Black Nationalist Ally of the KKK » Politichicks.com

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Trump’s Mt. Rushmore event: No social distancing and no masks

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China-U.S. Divorce: Why It’s Messy, Impossible