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HUH? Speaker Pelosi Uses Catholicism to Make Argument in Favor of Abortion [VIDEO]

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Biden Gets Hammered For Fawning Over Little Girl, Obsessing Over Her Hair and Crossed Legs

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Liz Cheney Was Just Given Word Her Days in House Leadership are Numbered

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Cringe Fringe Leftists Want to Erase Women Because They Can’t get A Date

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CNN Director Confronted After Admitting ‘Propaganda’ Network Got Joe Biden Elected

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First Arrest Will Verify Action & Confirm Future Direction, Durham, [DS] Will Fight Back – Ep. 2429

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Our Favorite Firearm Store: Bunker Depot

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New Dating Trend: Rejecting People Who Don’t Take COVID Seriously Enough

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Reporter Challenges Portland Mayor: Did He Help ‘Normalize’ Political Violence?


Police: Florida man stabs woman in the eyes, breaks his mother’s arms, throws baby through a window

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Grant Shapps gets the start date for France quarantine rules wrong

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What is a Nominating Convention?

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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Trust Suggests Date To Lay Foundation Stone; Invites PM Modi For Ceremony

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Your Next-Gen PlayStation 5 Weighs Like a Chunky Newborn Baby

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Loud Rumors Tease PlayStation 5 Price & Launch Date Reveal Today