Trump alleges ex-FBI chief Comey committed ‘many crimes’

President alleges ex-FBI chief committed ‘many crimes’… (Top headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories:Comey speculates Russians may have damaging info on Trump…Republicans intensify attack… Advertise here VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Trump alleges ex-FBI chief Comey committed ‘many crimes’

The USA Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem it has an Inner City Gang and Suicide Problem – YouTube

The majority of gun crimes involve gangs and handguns, not a lunatic with a sporting rifle. A large proportion of all gun crime is single-actor suicide. Support my work via donation: Patreon: Makersupport: My literary works: Blogger: Wordpress: My other platforms:…

Chad: Government Fails Ex-Dictator’s Victims

(Ndjamena) – The Chadian government has yet to provide court-ordered reparations to 7,000 victims of grave crimes under the rule of former dictator Hissène Habré, four human rights groups said today. Chad’s lack of action is a failure of its obligations to Habré’s victims. On…

It’s time to sort the good from the bad in the 800,000-person DACA bloc

A study shows that DACA-aged illegals are more likely to commit additional crimes and be jailed than citizens.  With all the news about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program being subject to a congressional deal, this latest bit of news points to a need to…


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