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Fauci Rails, Says ‘I Have More Important Things To Do’ Than Visit Border Amid COVID Surge

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We’re Being Played: Video Shows COVID Vaccine Being Administered With Empty Syringe

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Top Chinese General: China Must Prepare For World War Against U.S.

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Top Prof: New “Surge of Coronavirus” to Return Later This Year

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58 countries sign declaration against CCP’s practice; Trump transformed China policy: adviser

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Anti-Curfew Riots Erupt In Netherlands

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US Senate to Vote on Blinken Nomination as Secretary of State – Real America’s Voice


Muslim advocacy group CAIR demands Biden defund Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention

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As Expected, Biden Promises ‘Flurry’ of Executive Orders, and Wa Po ‘Journalists’ Swoon

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Germany marks 30th anniversary of reunification | DW News

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Kenyans Urged to Treat Pandemic Stress

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UK Moves to Ban Huawei From Role in Country’s 5G Network Over Security Concerns

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As Tide Turns Against Huawei, This Dow 30 Stock Could Be the Big Winner

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Chinese ambassador to UK says banning Huawei would harm the country’s reputation