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Joe Biden Gives the Most Painful Pause in Presidential History Before Botching Historic Quote


Report: Hunter Biden arranged meeting with foreign business partners and daddy Joe – who was VP at time

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AOC Effect? Pro-Palestinian Mob Assault NYC Jews with Incendiary Device: ‘F*** you, Zionists!’


If you can’t beat ’em, pay ’em? Biden administration considers paying off migrants to stay in their countries

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California Suddenly Pushes Strict ‘Signature Match’ for Gavin Newsom Recall Drive

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Astronomers Detect Puzzling Activity From Supergiant Neutron Star

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Ben Shapiro Wrote Today’s Politico Playbook, Liberal Reporters Can Barely Contain Their Outrage

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Nevada State Court Judge Dismisses Election Challenge

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Democrat North Carolina Senate Candidate Admits to Sexting with Veteran’s Wife

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Firey Op-Ed on Saul Alinsky, Communism and the Modern Day Democrat Party Makes some good Points

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Oregon Governor Declares Emergency in Portland Prior to Proud Boys Rally That Turned Out To be Unnecessary

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The Spine-Chilling Predictions Nostradamus Made For This Time Period

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Chuck Todd Runs Deceptively Edited Kayleigh McEnany Clip Even After It Was Proven to Be Misleading

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Sig Sauer P210 1000 Round Review

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Second Thought: Should The US Be Considered A Democracy?

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Let’s Cancel 50 Cent & Carole Baskin for This Nauseating Cover

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Oberlin College Supporters Permitted to File Amicus Briefs In Gibson’s Bakery Appeal

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Late Seoul mayor Park Won-soon was vocal supporter of China and considered a presidential hopeful in 2022