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Amid Biden’s push for gun control, inquiries linger over Hunter’s 2018 gun incident – and if he’ll be arrested

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President Trump Requested 10,000 National Guard Before Capitol Attack, But Pelosi Blocked More Troops

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Jen Psaki Is FINALLY Forced To Confront Cuomo Scandal; Claims Biden “Supports” Independent Review

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US States Are Seizing More Power in the Name of “Deregulating” Housing

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Three Reasons to Be Bullish on Silver With or Without Reddit Raiders

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Chinese group sways US media with paid trips; 30 million under virus lockdown near Beijing


Staffer who works in Cuomo’s Manhattan office struck in head with cinder block in random attack

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Wave of Arrests Sweep Hong Kong

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The Unconstitutional War in Somalia

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What the Media Hides About the 2020 Election

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The Long Story | Why PFI?: Is PFI A Punching Bag Or Public Attention Deviation Tool?

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BREAKING: Durham investigation has focused attention on the Clinton Foundation

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GA Election Board Refers 98 Cases of Voter Fraud to AG, Some Cases Don’t Even Sound Real – Zone News 24

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Direct printing of wearable health sensors onto skin

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CDC defies Trump, proceeds with critical race theory training despite executive order – Zone News 24

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Paying Attention Leads To Being Ready In The Moment

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India’s Tough Stand At LAC A Tactic To Divert Attention From COVID-19 Crisis, Says Einar Tangen

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Akshay Kumar’s Look From Bell Bottom Grabs Attention Of Netizens; Arjun & Malaika Covid Positive

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Chinese military captures the attention of President Xi

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West Virginia U. Prof Admits to Two Counts of Fraud Following Trip to China


Spouses of Portland police pen letter to officials: Stop pandering to criminals and let officers do their jobs

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Did China miscalculate the rise of India?

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Sen. Kamala Harris: We Need To Stop Paying Attention To Donald Trump On Coronavirus And Other Issues