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Reporter Shames Ted Cruz For Not Covering His Face, Cruz’s Response is Perfect

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SHOW NOTES: #GunReformNow? Not on Our Watch!

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Father Loses Son to COVID Isolation, Shares Emotional Warning to Other Parents

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Andrew Cuomo Hid COVID Numbers to Protect Democrats, Avoid Trump: Report

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Floridas DeSantis to Attack Big Tech for its Unlawful Censorship

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Watch – Doctor Admits Masks Don’t Work: “All Viruses Can Get Through”

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Schumer Hints At Nuking The Filibuster: ‘We Need Big, Bold Change In America’

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You’re Nuts if You Aren’t Using Alt Tech

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New York Democrat Accused of Playing Hockey After Locking Down Hockey Rink for Children

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Dem Governor Mulls Shutting Down State For Christmas; ‘It Has To Stay On The Table’

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Nigeria bans SARS police unit: Why aren’t protesters satisfied? | DW News

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Open Up the Schools: Even the Atlantic Acknowledges They Aren’t Covid Super-Spreaders

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Biden Says He’ll Make Abortion ‘Law Of The Land’ If Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

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Create-An-Inhuman Coming to Marvel’s Avengers?

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Your Govt Harassing Women, Aren’t You Anguished, Kangana Ranaut Attacks Sonia Gandhi | BREAKING

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The New Tell-Tale Sign Capitalism Is Collapsing

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CD Projekt Red’s Fans and Anti-Microtransaction Hypocrisy | They aren’t THAT different

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Rioters aren’t freedom fighters | Let’s call it what it is

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Joe Biden Is No ‘Ally’ to The Black Community

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Democrats Aren’t Even Campaigning And Now Biden Will SKIP The DNC, Are Democrats Planning To Lose??

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Florida Man Arrested For Enforcing Social Distancing By Firing Shots In Hotel Lobby

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Tucker Carlson: Media Pretends Riots Aren’t Happening

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Wall Street Journal refuses to take a knee to internal woke mob

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A Housing Collapse Worse Than the Great Depression Could Be Looming


Feds: Four hit with federal arson charges after torching police cars in New York, vandalizing city

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Bill de Blasio Says BLM Protests Are OK, But Others Aren’t!

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Cloth Masks Aren’t as Effective as Masked-Hordes Insist. According to This 2015 Study!

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Live: What Western media aren’t telling you about the National Security Law for Hong Kong