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“There Will Be Two Americas”; Fearmonger Fauci Throws Non-Vaxxed Citizens Under The Bus


New York Times report: Capitol Police were told by leaders to “stand down” by leaders on the riot in D.C.

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The Bataan Death March Begins – WAH 032 – April 1942, Pt. 1

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The Japanese Raid Australia and the British Raid France – WW2 – 132 – March 6, 1942

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Pearl Harbor Avenged! – WW2 – 128 – February 6, 1942

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No Republicans Vote to Advance Biden’s Stimulus Package. But There’s a Reason…

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Fortress Singapore Stands Alone! – WW2 – 127 – January 30, 1942

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The Economics of Black America in the Biden Era – Special Edition – Swamponomics

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Bad Strategy: More Losses for the 2nd Amendment

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Winning! Trump Defends His Handling Of CV-19, Says US Has ‘Rounded The Final Turn’

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China infiltrates US education; Portland Dem staffer arrested in riot; Senate: stimulus bill fails

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US seizes fake apple products from China; DOJ charges 50 with PPP fraud | NTD Business

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Tools for Liberty: Top 3 Reasons I’m on Board with Bitcoin and Crypto

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Topic one: What can we expect from the WHO’s preliminary visit in Beijing?

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Coronavirus: China confirms WHO advance team in Beijing to pave way for origins search