Ranchers: Illegal immigrants becoming more aggressive with residents, intentionally damaging property

KINNEY COUNTY, TX – Ranchers are reporting that their property and safety are being increasingly threatened by illegal immigrants crossing their land to enter the United States, something not seen in past years.

In a report published by The Epoch Times, Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe said intentional damage is on the rise:

“We’re starting to see more intentional damage. I’ve never seen it quite like this. Somebody’s making a statement.”

Coe, who served as a Border Patrol agent for 31 years, said that in the last six months illegal immigrants have been damaging fences and water pipes, leaving water faucets running, and even breaking into homes. Coe said:

“We’ve always had a fence cut here, fence cut there, because they’re hauling dope or small kids or something.

“But we’ve never seen the intentional big four-by-four holes in the fence, or now, a 10-foot section just cut completely out. That’s really starting to bother me.”

The situation has led to ranchers carrying firearms everywhere they go.

Uvalde County Sheriff Ruben Nolasco said that since the border crisis began, illegal immigrants have been acting more aggressively toward residents and ranchers. He said that one resident reported holding an immigrant at gunpoint:

“And (the resident) finally had to cock the hammer back and say, ‘Hey, you take a step further, then things are gonna (sic) change here.’

“That’s the last thing I want to hear—that we have a shooting, (that) we have somebody that had to kill somebody … I hope it never happens.”

Nolasco said stolen vehicles, criminal mischief, and burglaries have risen dramatically since the start of the year:

“It’s a mess. That’s what it is. But nobody seems to care about us down here. We’re 60, 65 miles away from the border. And they say that everything’s OK. No, it’s not OK,

“Most of the [vehicle] stops, they’re finding weapons in the vehicles, so that’s nuts.”

Coe told The Epoch Times that illegal immigrants crossing their ranches and property in past years were respectful, but that this year is very different:

“These people now, they’re demanding, ‘You will feed me, you will give me water.’”

The situation has also turned more deadly for immigrants, according to Coe:

“Normally, around here, we have one death every 18 to 24 months—somebody will find a deceased person on their property.

“This is May, we’ve had two this month. So, if that’s any indication of what the rest of the year is going to be like, that’s going to be kind of scary.”

In April, Kinney County issued a declaration of disaster over the increase in illegal immigrants entering through the southern border. Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan signed the declaration on Wednesday, April 21, stating that residents have been assaulted, threatened, and robbed.

Judge Shahan wrote:

“On April 21, 1836, Texas won her independence during the battle of San Jacinto, the final and decisive battle of the Texas Revolution.

Today, 185 years later, Texas is once again under siege, as thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens invade our state through our southern border with Mexico.”

The judge decried attacks on law enforcement by human smugglers:

“We have had deputies who live here shot at. We’ve had border patrolmen who have been on duty have been shot at.”

Following the declaration, Sheriff Coe described the rise in crime related to the border crisis:

“Criminal activity is definitely up; the pursuits, the smuggling, smuggling of persons. There’s potential there for assaults. We’re seeing more and more weapons being involved. Last year, Border Patrol was shot at.

“This year, my guys have been shot at four or five times by human smugglers. We’ve got police reports on the stolen vehicles. The vehicles have been stolen from ranches.”

Coe called for the National Guard or additional sheriff’s deputies from other counties for help:

“Maybe bring in some National Guard or bring in deputy sheriffs from other counties to assist.”

In May, the Border Patrol detected 51,000 illegal immigrants that evaded capture along the U.S–Mexico border. That same month, apprehensions hit a 21-year monthly high, with the agency arresting 180,034 illegal border-crossers.

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Report: Border Patrol says 250,000 illegal immigrants ‘got away’ into the U.S. in the first six months

June 13, 2021

 DEL RIO, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that the total number of illegal immigrants who escaped capture, or “got-aways”, and entered the country illegally this year will reach 250,000 as of June 13.

“Got-aways” are loosely defined as migrants crossing the border and escaping after being observed by border patrol either through visual observation of officers, video from aircraft, or physical evidence like footprints on the ground.

The method of counting is limited, and experts suspect the actual number is much higher than the calculation.

The report comes from an agency source speaking exclusively to Breitbart News. The source said that 50,000 escaped over the last 30 days. On average, 1,600 migrants escape capture each day.

In comparison, 69,000 migrant “got-aways” successfully evade Border Patrol in all of 2020, according to the report. According to Breitbart:

“The metric is usually not publicly released. It is achieved by counting illegal immigrants who ultimately escape apprehension after being observed by aircraft and camera systems.

“Border Patrol agents also use traditional sign-cutting techniques to spot footprints. It is not a perfect investigative method. Sources say the got-away count is usually lower than reality.”

Critics say that the lenient policies of the Biden administration and the increased humanitarian workload on the Border Patrol have contributed to the number of illegal immigrants escaping into the United States.

The Biden administration came under fire from the nation’s sheriffs in April for failing to control the ongoing border crisis. Hundreds of sheriffs from dozens of states sent a letter to the President pushing him to change course.

The letter, signed by 275 sheriffs from 39 states warned the President of dangerous repercussions if he continued to allow illegal immigrants to flow into the country. The letter, released by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, read:

“America’s Sheriffs are deeply troubled about the dangerous impacts your administration’s border policies are having on our citizens, legal residents, and communities.

You must act now before our nation’s public safety resources are overwhelmed with the criminal side effects of unchecked illegal immigration, including transnational gangs, guns, dangerous drugs, and human trafficking.”

In the letter, the sheriffs address the crime associated with the flow of illegals entering the country:

“As this situation continues to evolve, more families will be exposed to the violence associated with drug trafficking and transnational gangs. More parents will suffer the loss of their children, not because they were irresponsible, but because of exposure to criminal illegal alien violence caused by the reckless and irresponsible policies of your administration.

“In a myriad of ways, you and your administration are encouraging and sanctioning lawlessness and the victimization of the people of the United States of America, all in the name of mass illegal immigration.”

The sheriffs did not mince words when appointing blame for the crisis. President Biden’s promises of immigration leniency and reduced immigration enforcement orders are to blame, according to the letter:

“In the interests of ending the undermining of our laws and the increased risks to the safety and security of the people of the United States of America, we respectfully request that you immediately reverse course on your pro-illegal immigration policies, resume the border wall construction, and embrace the common-sense, public-safety-supporting border policies of the previous administration.”

The Biden administration has refused to call the situation at the border a crisis, but the numbers are making that refusal difficult to continue. Unaccompanied children have proven especially difficult for the President.

In March, border agents encountered nearly 19,000 children at the border, the largest number ever recorded in a single month.

The federal government has more than 20,000 children in detention facilities. Government projections show there could be more than 35,000 migrant children to care for at the end of June.

In April, emails directly to federal employees asking them to volunteer for paid leave to help care for the unaccompanied minors. The emails were sent to employees at agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and NASA, according to a report by The New York Times.

In an Operational Update for May 2021, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBD) said it encountered 180,034 persons attempting entry along the Southwest Border during the month, a one percent increase from the same time period in 2020.

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