Ocasio-Cortez Dumps On Manchin As Tensions Mount Over Dem Bill To Rig Elections

There is growing unease with the progressive activist wing of the Democratic party as their extremist agenda has been stalled in the Senate. Joe Manchin remains opposed to the elimination of the filibuster.

With the House Of Representatives returning to D.C. this week after their latest extended vacation, the pressure will be on to advance an election rigging bill. The legislation is dishonestly labeled for “voting rights”. The same can be said for Joe Biden’s massive “infrastructure” package that is a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal.

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Attacks on Manchin have been intensifying after the West Virginia senator’s op-ed last weekend in which he not only reiterated his opposition to joining with the radicals to nuke the filibuster but also dropped the bomb that he would not support the “For The People Act” that would strip states of the right to conduct their own elections.

Manchin was savagely attacked by the social media mob. On Sunday, CNN featured Twitter hive queen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Manchin for his resistance to ending the filibuster. She scoffed that it is the “old way of politics” and accused him of “romanticism about bipartisanship.”

The mouth that never shuts joined other Democrats who fanned out across the Sunday morning “news” shows and showed up on CNN’s “State Of The Union” where she subjected host Dana Bash to her childish whining.

Bash asked of AOC, “So, let’s talk about one of the specific issues that is blocked in the Senate right now, and that is voting rights. The House, including you, passed expansive voting rights legislation. That was back in March. Senate Democrats can’t force a vote on it because Virginia Senator — West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin doesn’t support that particular bill. He also doesn’t support what you’re suggesting, which is gutting the filibuster.”

Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Manchin was on the take, “H.R.1 stands up against lobbyists and dark money,” she said. She failed to mention the millions funneled into local elections by national Democrat front groups. “And I would reckon to think that this is probably just as much a part of Joe Manchin’s calculus as anything else, because, when it comes to this bipartisan argument, I got to tell you, I don’t buy it.”

Bash asked her about the accusation; “What exactly did you mean by that? Are you saying Joe Manchin’s opposition is because he wants to keep political donations flowing?”

AOC responded, “Well, I think that — I think that, when we talk about opposition to H.R.1 being just about voting rights, we aren’t telling the entire story. H.R.1 has sweeping lobbying reforms. And I believe that we have the influence of big money that impacts not just one party, but both parties in the United States Congress. And I do believe that that old way of politics has absolutely an influence in Joe Manchin’s thinking and the way he navigates the body.”

She added, “I mean, the way — the things that he cites, like this, I think, romanticism of bipartisanship is about an era of Republicans that simply do not exist anymore. And I also believe that the opposition to big money and dark money — you have the Koch brothers and associated organizations from the Koch brothers really doing victory laps about Joe Manchin’s opposition to the filibuster.”

AOC again smeared Manchin of accepting graft in the form of lobbyist money, “I think that it’s pretty open that these groups exert a lot of influence, as much as — and as much influence as they can on members of Congress. And I think that — that the older-school way of accepting the role of lobbyists in Washington absolutely has a role in Joe Manchin’s thinking.”

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Not a peep about George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg or any of the dark money groups that launder boatloads of dollars from wealthy liberal donors into Democrat campaigns. Bash once again proves that CNN is in the bag for Democrats by not asking her about them.

Manchin’s moderation has less to do with being bribed than about serving as a bulwark between the last vestiges of American democracy and the political Marxists like AOC. The bartender-turned-crusader who has no business in government. Compromise is what gets things done, not blowing up the system. But AOC just wants to watch the US burn.

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Author: Chris Donaldson

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