Euro Elites vs. Middle America: DeSantis Hammers Biden’s Horrible G7 Performance, Gives Preview of 2024?

Joe Biden looked like … well, he looked like Joe Biden at the G7 this weekend. Saying he looked like himself is worse than more colorful words like “numbskull,” “chucklehead,” or “nincompoop.” When he wasn’t brain-farting in front of the press, he was begging for attention and hobknobbing with the global elites talking about global elite things. Biden’s performance gave opponents plenty to dunk on. While he doesn’t have an “opponent” yet, a guy we all would like to be an opponent was less than impressed with the most popular president of all time. America’s Governor Ron DeSantis, take it away.

DeSantis noted that while Biden was preaching about reducing energy production worldwide, he’s leaving a lot of people behind in our own country. Look at the Keystone XL pipeline. Thousands and thousands of very good jobs gone. Because Biden was more concerned with activists in New York City and Europe than he was with families in South Dakota.

Add the sharp increase in gas prices to the overall budding inflation being fueled by his big-spending policies, DeSantis said the most affected are families trying to live on a budget.

So, I think that his performance probably played well with European elites. Not sure that there was much in it for Middle America.

“America First” is old and busted. “America (One of) Seven” is the new hotness!

“Elites” vs. “Middle America” is nothing new. But Joe Biden is unique in his rhetoric and the way he’s put forth an agenda that is everything we’ve been concerned about. All Middle America gets is an occasional tax rebate that’s less than half of how much Biden’s legislation is costing us in tax dollars. A guy running against him with the slightest bit of message discipline would have no problem turning that against them.

Just in case Ron DeSantis is considering being that person.

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