Study Says Whiteness Is a “PARASITIC” Condition? – Will & Amala React

1:49 – Whiteness is a "PARASITIC" Condition?
14:56 – PragerU’s Resources for Fighting Woke Indoctrination
15:35 – Should We Put This PragerU Ad on CNN??
18:27 – Survivor of Mao’s China Warns Against CRT
26:21 – Woke Professor is BACK Teaching Black and White Students Are Not Equal
35:12 – POWERFUL: Crowd Takes Over National Anthem at NHL Game
40:31 – Send Us Your Woke 4th of July Songs!

On today’s stream: A study says whiteness is an incurable "parasitic" condition, a Chinese mom compares Mao’s revolution to Critical Race Theory, and a woke professor teaches black and white students they aren’t equal.


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Survivor of Mao’s China Stuns with Warning About Critical Race Theory

Woke Professor Teaches White and Black Students They Aren’t Equal

Goosebumps: NHL Crowd Takes over National Anthem

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