Hamas Releases Anti-Israel Children’s Cartoon That Will Make You Sick

Well, this is sure as sh!t offensive.

Whenever there are terror attacks against Israel (which are starting again now that Trump is out of office), while American Democrats will defend the attackers as freedom fighters, people who actually live in the area plead with them that they make matters worse in doing so. A key reason why is knowing that Hamas is showing children cartoons like this.

From The Daily Caller, which flagged the cartoon.

Hamas released an animated cartoon video on Telegram Thursday showing two Palestinian youths laughing and plotting a terror attack against Israeli forces. The video released Thursday is set at night in what appears to be one of the hilly areas of the West Bank. Two animated boys — a short, chubby one wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, and a thin, tall one wearing a light blue top and blue jeans — stage menace and attacks against Israelis, and then laugh about it.

I really want to believe I’m falling for a hoax. That this video this professional-looking video was created by an internet troll with too much time on their hands. And that if you translate the dialogues, it’s the lyrics to “Carry On Wayward Son” with an occasional dig at how predictable American bloggers are. That there is a fourteen-year-old sitting in his mother’s basement in Peoria, reading this and laughing his tuchus off that he got me. Game respect game, if that’s the case.

I also want to show this cartoon to Rep. AOC and the rest of her Hamas Squad. Not that it would make a difference. Democrats are never held accountable for their anti-Semitic remarks. But I’d still like to see them twist themselves into a Bavarian pretzel trying to whataboutism how Israel is just as bad.

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