Dan Crenshaw Says Its Time to Fight Back Against Woke Marxism in Our Military and Explains How

The woke progressive extremists who control Joe Biden have made clear their intentions to install Marxism in every American institution. It’s been going on in our public schools for a while. Lately, the military has been a leftist target. Because when trying to build an effective military, appealing to people who hate the military is the way to go! Rep. Dan Crenshaw says it’s time to take action against the left. He and Senator Tom Cotton have set up a whistleblower hotline so active military are protected should they chose to speak out.

The military is supposed to create WARRIORS. Not social justice warriors. Not a woke progressive agenda. We’re done complaining about it though. We’re going to do something about it. We’re going to expose this.

We just created a whistleblower page. You are legally protected, active duty members, when you fill out this form. Fill it out. Tell us your story. We are going to — with your permission — post this stuff of social media We’re going to expose this for the whole country and we’re going to fight back.

The website is crenshaw.house.gov/whistleblower. As for what becomes of this … I guess we’ll wait and see?

The rub is that while a lot of our conservative “leaders” tweet good game, attempting to actually do something isn’t a priority. This point can’t be driven home enough. Last year when Republicans were yelling at Facebook and Twitter, they had control of the senate and the White House. Nothing was done about Big Tech censorship other than clickbait and fundraising letters.

So let’s say this works. The whistleblower hotline blows up with people exposing how the left is trying to exploit their agenda without anyone noticing. What happens then? Other than being told if we want to do something about it, we need to elect Republicans and take back the House and Senate. We’ve seen this movie. It’s like watching Police Academy 6 on a neverending loop.

This isn’t a knock on Crenshaw. He gets a modicum of a pass because he hasn’t been in power yet and therefore hasn’t had the time to disappoint us much. Though once the GOP regains the House, he’s on the clock. As far as the whistleblower hotline goes, again, I guess we’ll wait and see.

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