WHAT SCIENCE? Vaccinated AOC Tells Supporters She’s Going to Keep Masking Up Anyway

Around here, we’re all old enough to remember when Democrats were telling their voters not to trust COVID-19 vaccines developed by reputable major U.S. pharmaceutical companies because Donald Trump had something to do with it via his “Operation Warp Speed” program.

Now that a collection of highly effective vaccines have rolled out and have protected more than 150 million Americans, Democrats are still telling Americans they are not effective by their actions…even as they shame more people into taking a shot.

On the one hand, Joe Biden told Americans last week after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief Dr. Rochelle Walensky issued new guidance that if they are vaccinated, they can finally ditch their masks — adding that unvaccinated people must still wear them (making no consideration for Americans who have actually recovered from the virus and have better antibodies than many vaccinated people do).

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On the other, the far left’s vaccinated radicals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are telling Americans the shots really don’t mean much because they are still going to wear a mask.

In a post to her 8.8 million Instagram followers, “AOC” said she will still mask up in “shared indoor public spaces” despite being vaccinated.

“NYC got hit so hard that I think some of us are going to take time adjusting as we feel comfortable,” she said. “Personally I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc.”

She then told followers, “if you want to keep wearing your mask then do it.”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to say she will consider wearing a mask going forward anytime she feels like she might be getting sick.

“Mask wearing is also something I’ll probably continue doing overall from time to time if I feel like I might be coming down with something and don’t want to spread it,” she said, going on to add that a mask “is a nice accessory when you don’t want to do your makeup.”

Question: How can a single Democrat who talks like this complain when an American citizen says he or she doesn’t want to get a vaccine? Because isn’t saying you’re going to wear a mask anyway because you’re still ‘concerned’ about the virus akin to saying ‘the vaccines — yeah, well, maybe they work, and maybe not’?

She wasn’t alone on the left in pushing back on Walensky’s new maskless guidance for vaccinated persons.

“The CDC has done an about-face that’s shockingly abrupt: it’s confusing & could actually disincentivize vaccines,” Dr. Leana Wen, a George Washington University public health professor, wrote on Twitter after Walensky’s announcement Thursday.

“Yes, vaccinated people are well-protected and not a threat to others,” she noted in a follow-up tweet. “But do we trust that the honor system—won’t unvaccinated people pretend to be vaccinated & stop wearing masks?”

Wrong. Telling people the vaccines are the end-all, cure-all for COVID-19 and the way we ‘get back to normal’ while summarily donning a mask is what disincentivizes people from bothering with the jab.

“This is too risky in my opinion,” added Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist and Federation of American Scientists senior fellow. “Asymptomatic transmission efficacy is only in the 70s-80s even for the best vaccines. Much lower for others and for some variants.”

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Wrong. What’s ‘risky’ is spreading scientific falsehoods, which these people have done throughout this pandemic.

We’re not hear to tell readers they should or should not get a COVID vaccine. That’s a personal decision. What we want to point out, however, is the dangerous hypocrisy of those in charge of handling this pandemice.

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Author: Jonathan Davis

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