Joe Biden Brain-Farts and Invents New Number: A Trillion Million Billion

When Joe Biden tells reporters “I shouldn’t be taking your questions,” I try not to jump on him for it. In his senile, old coot, pudding-headed way, I think he thinks he’s being funny. Better to joke about that than ask Peter Doocy to pull his finger. If he blames any more of his old-man farts on the dogs, they’re both going to be put down. But really, Joe Biden shouldn’t be taking questions from anyone. Joe Biden shouldn’t be president. He should be sitting on a front porch in Delaware with his name pinned to his sweater in case he wanders off. But until the senior abuse charges against Kamala Harris and Jill Biden are finally filed, we’re stuck with him until it’s time to vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024.

Biden had a kibitiz with MSNBC, where I think he was talking about hiring more IRS agents to audit successful people. Emphasis on I think, because the letters “IRS” are the only intelligible thing he says.

Joe Biden: “Somewhere Between 700 Billion And A Trillion 300 Million Billion Dollars”

For example, there’s a situation where there’s an estimation between 700 billion and a trillion 300 million billion dollars if we hire more IRS agents and we go after those folks avoiding taxes on the top end.

The starting salary for those IRS agents will be eleventy thousand hundred dollars a year. Paid for with taxpayer money, of course. To make up for it, Americans will be sent another stimulus check of twelve hundred Kohl’s cash. No one has the heart to tell him Kohl’s cash isn’t actual currency. But it was easier than trying to explain Dogecoin to him.

The “independent” “fact” checkers will no doubt circle the wagons, claiming this was a classic case of Biden’s childhood stutter we only learned about last year. Which … sure, whatever. That’s one option. The other option is that Biden actually thinks there’s a trillion 300 million billion dollars out there for the taking. It would explain the Biden economic agenda.

Our president is a chuckleheaded nincompoop. But at least he doesn’t make fun of people on social media!

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