MSNBC Host Gets Racial; Says Tim Scott Is McConnell’s “Tap Dancer”

Without question, Democrats claim to have cornered the market on ‘compassion,’ ‘inclusion,’ and ‘tolerance,’ but also without question, Democrats are the biggest hypocrites in making those claims.

Really what left-wing Democrats mean when they say such things is that they are only compassionate, inclusive, and tolerant with Americans who agree with them politically, culturally, and philosophically.

Those who don’t are subjected to some of the most disgusting, vile, and racist assaults seen in the history of our republic, even by Democrats of the same skin color.

The example of Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., from just this past week is a case in point.

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Scott gave the Republican rebuttal to Joe Biden’s first address to a lightly attended joint session of Congress (so Nancy Pelosi and her party can continue their COVID-19 fear porn) earlier this week and by any reasonable measure, it was cogent, fact-based, and more than anything extremely inspiring.

But because he is a Republican and his solutions for America involve traditionally conservative principles, he was ripped by Democrats — and especially Democrats of color who somehow believe that because he’s with the GOP it’s okay to use racially-tinged language and epithets against him.

Like MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross.

She used her little-watched show on Saturday as a platform not to dispute Scott’s policy preferences but to attack him personally, as a black man who is also a conservative, and those who support him — black, white, Hispanic, Asian…whatever.

“Tim Scott does not represent any constituency other than the small number of sleepy, slow-witted sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome who get elevated to prominence for repeating a false narrative about this country that makes conservative white people feel comfortable. Because when you speak an uncomfortable truth, like Nikole Hannah-Jones, the party that Scott claims is not racist gets big mad and tries to silence you,” she said.

For the record, Nikole Hannah-Jones is the author and developer of “The 1619 Project,” which falsely argued, among other things, that the Revolutionary War was primarily fought to preserve slavery. She’s been fact-checked by real academics more times than Donald Trump, but the left, and in particular leftists of color like Cross, continue to pretend as though her work is authoritative, scholarly, and above all, the last word on the issue of how slavery began in the American colonies.

Cross wasn’t through disparaging Scott, however.

“Just this week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asked Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to scrap teaching the 1619 Project in schools because it would re-orient the view of American history. Lucky for McConnell, he has his own tap dancer to try and re-orient the view of America for him,” she said.

“There were so many contradictions in the senator’s speech that it was clear not even Scott believed the words he was speaking. I could go into great detail refuting each of his asinine points, but he did that for me, and moreover, a lesson I’ve learned, don’t argue with people Harriet Tubman would have left behind,” Cross claimed.

Translation: No, she can’t really debate Scott’s points because she doesn’t have the brainpower to do so and because she would much rather play the role of racialist hater.

“So thirsty for white approval, this dude actually stood on the national stage to defend the voter suppression law in Georgia. Even though, as of last month, 361 bills were being introduced in 47 states to keep people who look like him out of the ballot box,” Cross continued in her attack.

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“The ability to shame the ancestors and appease the oppressors all in one speech, that’s extreme, though not quite like the domestic violent extremism that the Department of Homeland Security is investigating within its own ranks, mind you. But please, senator, say more about how un-racist the country is while you trot out that tired line about going from cotton to Congress to clown,” she added.

Tiffany Cross is nothing more than another left-wing, bomb-throwing, racial gaslighting hater at MSNBC. And if she’s not careful, that’s all she’s ever going to be.

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Author: Jonathan Davis

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