Joe Biden Wears Mask Outside to Tell Americans They Don’t Have to Wear Masks Outside (Sometimes)

The CDC announced new guidance on Tuesday, informing Americans they are allowed to not wear a mask outside. Sometimes. And the rules are different depending on if you’ve gotten your shots or not gotten your shots. You can walk, run, or bike outdoors. BUT, only with members of your own household. You can attend small gatherings outdoors, but not concerts or crowded events. You can even dine outdoors, but only if you had your shots. If not, apparently you have you keep your face covered while eating.

Confused? So, it appeared, was Joe Biden. Who wore a mask outside to tell us we didn’t have to wear masks outside sometimes.

Biden Wears Mask Outside Alone, Breaking New CDC Guidance While Announcing The New Guidance

REPORTER: You chose to wear a mask as you walked out here. What message were you sending by wearing a mask outside alone?

BIDEN: By watching me take it off and not put it back on until I went inside.

I have no idea what that means.

I’m fairly certain he thought it was a dunk on the reporter. He smiled as if it was a carefully rehearsed dunk. There are “journalists” and other Biden fanbois all over Twitter saying Biden dunked on the reporter. But the only message being sent to Americans is that our president looks and sounds like an idiot. The CDC announced it’s now “safe” to go maskless outside in a small group. Joe Biden walked outside, alone, in a mask. Then wore a mask standing, socially distanced, from a small group. Only taking the mask off right before he started talking. In Joe Biden’s senility-riddled brain, he thinks this shows leadership. He also thinks wearing a mask for a Zoom call shows leadership too, as other world leaders laugh at him.

The real punch line here? Ten bucks say that as you’ve been reading this and reading about the new freedoms you’ve been granted, you’ve been saying to yourself, “Self, this is all stuff I’ve been doing without a mask the entire time.” But only saying that to yourself. If you said it out loud … oh, hi Facebook!

If Joe Biden and the CDC are concerned people aren’t taking things seriously, it’s not the fault of Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan. It’s the fault of Joe Biden and the CDC.

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