It’s On! David Hogg Decrees Ron DeSantis Must Be Defeated BEFORE Presidential Run

Things were running too smoothly for Ron DeSantis’ potential presidential run. He told Big Tech what orifice they can insert their censorship in. He made the leftist hacks at “60 Minutes” cry mean girl tears. DeSantis has done such an amazing job during the pandemic, even Bill Maher was forced to admit it. It was looking to be a cakewalk all the way to the White House. Ron DeSantis vs. President Puddingbrain is both the national debate and the content we the people deserve.

Sadly, it looks like it’s all over for DeSantis before he made his first trip to the Iowa state fair. Because former child star and failed pillow salesman David Hogg is coming after him.

We absolutely need to defeat Ron DeSantis before he runs for president.

Obviously, Hogg has more time on his hands than he was expecting. Launching the goodest pillow company doing the most good ever was more work than he expected. He’s much more comfortable doing what he’s good at: tweeting. The White House doesn’t need him for its gun control push because the administration already has a spokesman with a child’s understanding of guns. His name is Joe Biden. If Hogg decides to focus all of his attention sending in-kind donations to DeSantis 2024 one tweet at a time, the governor should send him a fruit basket with a thank-you note and an autographed photo.

God, I don’t ask for much. But David Hogg actively trying to beat Ron DeSantis in 2022 would be the second greatest gift You’ve ever sent us. In Your name, we praise.

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