AOC’s Supreme Court-Packing Comments Show Complete Ignorance of the Constitution

One would think “Supreme Court expansion is infrastructure” might be the stupidest thing about the left’s court-packing scheme. But there’s always Rep. AOC and her alleged comments to a Fox News reporter. I say “alleged” to be charitable. There is no video and there’s a chance the quote could be presented out of context. See? I’m fair and balanced.

Congresswoman AOC supports court-packing because it’s not fair that, in its current form, the Supreme Court is allowed to say no to her.

The second-term lawmaker raised concerns about how Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., “politicized” court vacancies and questioned how just nine people “can overturn laws that hundreds and thousands of legislators, advocates, and policymakers drew consensus on.”

“How much does the current structure benefit us?” Ocasio-Cortez said. “And I don’t think it does.”

Her problem with the Supreme Court is the very reason we have a Supreme Court.

Leftists like AOC think that because they and everyone they know want something, they should just get it. All because hundreds and thousands of people want something signed into law, that doesn’t make it constitutional. It’s why we have a system of checks and balances. The legislative branch writes legislation and the Supreme Court gets the final say making sure that legislation is legal, doesn’t contradict other laws, and doesn’t infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights. Leftists like Rep. AOC lying and scaring enough people about guns that they tell a pollster they want gun control does not overrule the Second Amendment. I’m sure if Rep. AOC introduced a law that said everyone who makes more money than her should be taxed higher would be popular with hundreds and thousands of advocates too. That doesn’t make it constitutional. The Supreme Court exists to stop silly people like Rep. AOC from gettting too silly.

According to Congresswoman AOC, the only fair thing is to add four more Supreme Court justices who agree with Congresswoman AOC. I doubt she’d feel the same after President DeSantis adds five.

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