Psaki Bomb: Press Secretary Attacks Conservatives Critical Over Biden’s Border Crisis

Joe Biden’s senile incompetence has created a crisis at the border. Illegal crossing were down to a record low. Under Biden, they’re at a record high. Who could have guessed that promising people amnesty would encourage them to come here? Other than anyone who is not a nincompoop. Out of ideas, the president dumped fixing the problem onto Kamala Haris. Who, besides having no plan to visit the border where the crisis is that she’s supposed to be fixing, told reporters and “experts” it’s not her job to fix the crisis. Republicans, as you can imagine, seized.

Jen Psaki was questioned about this on Thursday and had two words for the reporter questioning: Psh, whatevs.

Psaki Mocks Americans Concerned About Record-Breaking Border Crisis: “They Need More To Do”

REPORTER: A little bit more on the vice president’s role —

PSAKI: Her role doing what?

REPORTER: … um, fixing the border crisis?

PSAKI: Ugh, you’re still on that? Hashtag barf.

REPORTER: Riiiiight. So, Republicans are very critical of the vice president.

PSAKI: I’ve seen that. They need more to do.

Riiiiight, they need more to do. Let’s go down the list.

Ted Cruz, Republican? At the border dealing with the crisis Biden created and pointing out all the mistakes Biden made that can be corrected.

Lindsey Graham, Republican? At the border dealing with the crisis Biden created and illustrating how Trump’s policies worked.

Kamala Harris, Democrat? Went to get a cookie.

Joe Biden, Democrat? Wondering where he is and who crapped in his pants.

It’s possible to care about the border and do other things. We have a thing called the internet that makes things possible. Plus senators and congressmen have a lull while waiting to vote against Biden’s insane infrastructure and gun control scams. Jen Psaki wants to do the lost puppy things, sitting at the bar saying “everything is fine” while there’s a raging inferno behind her. That’s fine. But maybe dial down the snark at people who acknowledge what a mess her boss created.

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