Who is to blame for ‘systemic racism’? Stop blaming cops – start blaming the media, politicians, and activists.

The current narrative being championed by people in many quarters (activists, the media and especially politicians) is that over 18,000 separate law enforcement agencies and over one million people who carry guns and have arrest powers are steeped in racism.

That racism results in unconscionable violence committed against people of color by police officers of every color.

The problem with that uncontested narrative is the true problems in law enforcement are ignored and they are ignored for obvious reasons.

There’s no benefit to be derived from the truth.

Activists can’t cash in.

The media can’t cash in.

Politicians can’t cash in.

In fact, if the truth were openly discussed and acknowledged all three of those entities would be damaged and found to be responsible but, since they completely control the narrative, we are stuck with this demonstrable lie: “All agencies and all cops, no matter gender, race, color, ethnicity, sexual identity or orientation are racists perpetuating a racist system that results in an epidemic of blacks being mercilessly shot down by the police.”

Why do Problems Persist in Police Agencies?

If law enforcement was concerned with what private businesses are concerned with, the police world would operate very differently. The police are a legislated monopoly; they have no competition, and employees can’t be terminated for doing nothing.

I’m not advocating for law enforcement to go private, but we can learn from an entity that is always concerned about delivering a successful service safely that will result in profit.

Let’s examine.

Private businesses focus on three things:

  1. Creating a product or service that will create customers;
  2. Satisfying their client’s needs;
  3. Delivering their product via great customer service.

Outside of the actual product and distribution, bosses are concerned about basically two things:

  1. Creating a safe work environment that avoids physical injuries to both their personnel and their clients;
  2. Keeping solid relationships with their customers.

How do they do that?

Four things:

  1. Research best practices for their work environment;
  2. Determine which work-related activities are the most vulnerable for experiencing injury to their personnel, causing injury to a customer and damaging relationships with clients;
  3. Train, train, train in those areas;
  4. Hold leaders accountable.

None of that is done in the law enforcement government-controlled bureaucratic system.


Power, money, politics and advantage.

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” is a statement made famous at least by Rahm Emmanuel, former President Obama crony and then-mayor of one of the most violent cities in the country, Chicago.

The crisis that has been created by the media and activists and championed by politicians is: Systemic racism and police violence is of epidemic proportions.

By any measure, statistically, none of this is true.

But, there is no profit in that truth.

It is better politically, and in terms of benefit, if the populace believes the lie.

A recent survey showed that 44% of liberals believe over 1,000 unarmed blacks are killed by the police annually. The actual number is around 15.

However, you can’t fundraise off of 15.

So let’s exaggerate the problem.

This isn’t to say police officers don’t make mistakes. They do. Regularly, if you examine every single interaction by every single cop every single day.

Yes, mistakes happen. Sometime very serious mistakes.

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LET Unity

Another Racist Shooting: Let the Looting Begin

A veteran officer, with over 20 years’ experience shot a 20-yr-old black man who refused to obey orders and was wanted on a warrant in Brooklyn Center, MN.

The white female cop didn’t mean to. It had nothing to do with racism; it was a mistake. Hand/weapon confusion to be exact. She thought she had her Taser in her hand, under extreme stress she grabbed her gun. She even yelled “Taser” before she fired.

As soon as she realized what she did, she was devastated, and she will be forever.

But her making a grievous mistake that has shaken her to her core matters not. Her history of objective and caring policing matters not. The fact that she is a woman in this case matters not.

She is white, therefore she is a racist murderer.

Let the coffers fill up.

Activists profit from that untrue narrative.

Media profits from that untrue narrative.

Politicians profit from that untrue narrative.

Case in point, an immediate statement by the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz:

“I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.”

In other words, the officer shot the 20-yr-old because he’s black, and she’s white.

The night the shooting happened, without all the facts and though it didn’t happen in Minneapolis, that city and county experienced a spate of violence. Twenty-one shootings, five dead, stores broken into and burglarized. Citizens terrified.

The Blame Game

So, who is truly to blame?

It’s the activists, the media and the politicians.

Now that sounds like a cop defending his/her profession, but it isn’t- it’s the truth.

The activists incite, then violence in their own communities erupts. Except most activists don’t live in those communities, so they are safe.

The media ratings skyrocket, clicks go through the roof, ad money is made, all spurred by innuendo and opinion that are void of facts. But, the media is exempt from injury, so no matter.

Now the politicians, perhaps the worst of the bunch.

Why the worst?

Because if you are truly looking for the bad guys, the ones responsible when cops do make mistakes, you have found the ultimate culprit:

The politicians!

Think about this for just one brief minute: The politicians, who cry on TV, hold the hands of families shot by the police, who fundraise, rallying against the profession’s systemic racism, are the exact same people who oversee that system!

They are the same ones who refuse – and have refused over the decades – to invest in their police agencies. They don’t commit financially to training their officers! They don’t approve the money to study the science of stress, performance and human behavior! And they don’t demand effective leadership and then hold them accountable!

Here is the truth:

When police officers make mistakes, it is because they are human, and we don’t train for those human factors. We can’t train completely for all of those factors.

The vast majority of police agencies do the bare minimum when it comes to training. They adhere to minimum requirements established by their states. They train to avoid liability. They don’t train to establish proficiency!

Ultimately, they make mistakes because they aren’t prepared by their bosses for what it is they will encounter in the real world.

They make mistakes because feckless lying politicians won’t spend the money to really invest in their police agencies.

Remember the private company analogy on avoiding critical incidents?

Four things:

  1. Research best practices for their work environment;
  2. Determine which work-related activities are we most vulnerable for experiencing injury to our personnel, causing injury to a customer and damaging our relationship with clients?;
  3. Train, train, train in those areas;
  4. Hold leaders accountable.

Politicians do none of that!


They care about fundraising and reelection. Personal advantage.

And right now, division and pushing false narratives about the police is advantageous.


What are the true systemic problems in law enforcement?

  1. The failure to train effectively for what it is officers do and when they are most likely to cause injury or be injured;
  2. Failure to lead effectively.

Who is responsible for those failures systemically?

Politicians. The Media. Activists.

But you’ll never hear that anywhere but here.

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