SHOW NOTES: Vaccine Facts. Watch This While You Can …

The CDC announced it is pausing one of the vaccines due to “blood clots.” Which is funny, since YouTube blocks any video that brings up “blood clots.” What’s up with that? And we know all the riots can blend together, but we’ll have the latest on both Derek Chauvin and Daunte Wright. And we’re going to spend quite a bit of time on the real, overlooked victim today: Jacob Blake’s sexually abused wife. Remember her? You will.

VACCINE FACTS: Watch This While You Can… | Louder with Crowder


  • On Monday we covered YouTube censoring DeSantis’ roundtable with doctors from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford for COVID “misinformation.” SOURCE: LwC
  • California doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi were also banned last year for presenting scientific evidence. SOURCE: 23ABC
  • Our 15 days anniversary video was taken down for “misinformation” about COVID. SOURCE: LwC
  • Yesterday, Johnson & Johnson halted vaccination due to blood clots in recipients. SOURCE: The Hill
    • All six cases were women ages 18-48, and symptoms occurred 6-13 days after vaccination. SOURCE: NPR
    • NPR reported that one case was a 45-year-old woman who died 12 days after receiving the vaccine in March.

  • Over the past month, the Astra-Zeneca vaccine has been halted or limited in over a dozen countries because of blood clots.
    • As of March 22, European regulators were notified of 86 cases, 18 of which were fatal. SOURCE: NYT
    • British health officials claimed the risk of clotting outweighs vaccine benefits only for people under 30.

    • AstraZeneca isn’t currently authorized for use in the United States.
  • Despite this valid, scientific research, social media platforms have been removing posts that allege complications from the COVID vaccine. SOURCES: YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, Facebook
    • YouTube has removed over 800K videos for “COVID misinformation,” and 30K were specifically about vaccines. SOURCE: Axios
    • YouTube specifically bans videos claiming the vaccine can kill people. SOURCE: YouTube
    • And Facebook bans claims that the vaccine … can cause blood clots. SOURCE: Facebook
  • How much farther is this going to go? We’ve reached the point where you can be silenced for even expressing concern about a novel, experimental vaccine or for presenting scientific evidence that contradicts the mainstream media, Big Tech narrative. This is a suppression of science.


  • Last night, Kenosha Officer Rusten Sheskey returned from administrative leave after the police department determined he acted within policy while attempting to arrest Jacob Blake.

  • Recap:
    • Blake had a warrant for his arrest for felony sexual assault.
    • He allegedly broke into the house of the mother of his children, sexually assaulted her, and took her car.
    • The cops were called in August because Blake returned to her house and took her keys.
    • And there was a knife on the floor of the car Blake was reaching for.
    • Blake avoided the sexual assault charge by pleading down to two counts of disorderly conduct in November.


  • Use-of-force expert Barry Brodd testified that Chauvin was justified in his restraint of George Floyd. SOURCE: CBS News
  • Chauvin’s defense attorney questioned cardiologist Dr. Rich on what would have happened if Floyd had just gotten in the car. SOURCE: Twitter
  • The media has not been transparent in its coverage. SOURCES: MSNBC, ABC NEWS, MSNBC


  • On Monday, the Brooklyn Center Police Department released the body cam footage from the arrest of Daunte Wright. SOURCE: KARE11
  • The mayor of Brooklyn Center held a press conference yesterday to discuss these new developments. SOURCE: Global Source

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