Kamala Harris Finally Addressees When She’s Visiting the Border She’s Supposed to Fix: She’s Not

Don’t let the current focus on a different news story fool you. There is still a crisis on the border. One that’s a result of Joe Biden being an incompetent old coot. When Biden ran out of ideas, he decided to put Kamala Harris in charge! She laughed at the idea at first. Instead of going to the border, she went to get a cookie. But now she is FINALLY getting to work! On Wednesday, she held a meeting with reporters and experts and everything. How do we get to the root cause of the crisis?

An obvious first step would be for her to visit the border to see the crisis. So obvious that it was the first question she was asked.

REPORTER: When will you go to the border to fix the border Joe Biden put you in charge of fixing?

KAMALA: F*******ck that!

REPORTER: But Joe Biden put you in charge of fixing the border.

KAMALA: No, he put that Mayorkas guy in charge of fixing the border. I’m in charge of researching the “root cause” of why there is a border crisis. Root cause. Not the actual crisis.

Her job is to address the root cause. HER BOSS IS THE ROOT CAUSE!

Illegal crossings were at an all-time low under Donald Trump. Joe Biden reversed most if not all of Donald Trump’s policies. How do we know that’s the root cause of the problem? Because the Biden administration has signaled the need to RETURN to Trump policies. Biden has already admitted repealing the “Stay in Mexico” policy was a chuckleheaded oh-oh. His administration even hinted they may start reconstruction on the wall. Yes, Donald Trump’s big beautiful wall. The big beautiful wall Biden campaigned against. Turns out walls work. Who woulda thunk?

Harris needs to address the root cause. It goes like this. “Mr. President, we need to talk …”

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