GOP Senator Asks Huge Question About Biden; ‘Is He Really In Charge?’

It’s now just under three months into his term and Joe Biden has made fewer public appearances and given fewer press conferences than any new president in modern history.

Of course, the media will continue to run interference for Biden but at least some members of Congress are beginning to ask serious questions. These include whether the fading 78-year-old is really the one who is running the show in Washington D.C.

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One is Senator John Cornyn who drew the ire of liberals for daring to wonder “…is he really in charge?” via Twitter on Monday.

Cornyn tweeted out a link to a Politico story that was a masterpiece of spin and deception, serving the purpose of gaslighting readers. The piece says that it is actually a positive thing that Biden has spent such a large portion of his ballyhooed first 100 days out of the public eye.

According to Cornyn, “The president is not doing cable news interviews. Tweets from his account are limited and, when they come, unimaginably conventional. The public comments are largely scripted. Biden has opted for fewer sit down interviews with mainstream outlets and reporters.”

He added, “Invites the question: is he really in charge?”

That question wasn’t answered by Politico, which relied on aides like deputy communications director Kate Berner who said, “Our communications strategy is based on innovation in the digital space, flooding the zone in regional and coalitions press, and effectively using traditional national media. He’s the president, he’s got a lot on his plate.”

But Biden’s curious unavailability isn’t so easily explained away. There’s also the glaring fact that he also still hasn’t given the State Of The Union Address and the media has pretended to forget all about that. The President’s traditional speech to the nation doesn’t even exist anymore to them.

Cornyn was attacked for his legitimate question on whether Biden is calling the shots.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was dismissive and huffed that it was all a conspiracy theory, a term that was never used to describe four years of the Trump-Russia hoax.

Said Psaki, “I can confirm that the president of the United States does not spend his time tweeting conspiracy theories”, she added, “He spends his time working on behalf of the American people.”

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However, it was Psaki herself who opened the door to such questions on whether Biden is at the helm of the ship of state. Just last week she admitted that former President Barack Obama was regularly communicating with him, and was adamant that the contents of the calls will be kept secret from the American public.

When asked by a reporter about whether Biden has consulted with his former boss on how to get his $2 trillion “infrastructure” bill passed in Congress, Psaki responded, “they speak regularly.”

Psaki added, “they of course, were president and vice president, but they are also friends and they share a bond of serving through eight years of the Obama Biden administration, but also a personal friendship and kinship and he speaks with him regularly, but we’re not going to read out those calls“.

Senator Cornyn is definitely onto something and it is only going to become more and more obvious. As the nation is engulfed by multiple crises, i.e the COVID pandemic, the crisis at the border, and increasing hostilities with China, Russia, and Iran, Biden is little more than a front man for shadowy unelected figures who are the ones driving U.S. policy.

At some point, even the media won’t be able to hide it any longer.

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Author: Chris Donaldson

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