China sends largest air incursion into Taiwan; Lawmakers worldwide condemn attack on HK free press

American and European politicians condemn attacks against The Epoch Times printing house in Hong Kong. This after masked men smashed computers and printing machinery.

Beijing is boosting pressure on Taiwan. It sent a record number of warplanes flying near the island, the largest incursion to date.

A bold photo-message from the U.S. to communist China, warning the country’s Navy not to step out of line. It was taken in the South China sea.

Chinese authorities make over $800 in three minutes. And it’s all thanks to a traffic camera and the regime’s administrative power.

And Australia’s new Defense Minister is taking a hard line against Beijing. He’s calling out the regime for cyber attacks against Australia.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Epoch Times conference: attack on free press
03:21 Lawmakers condemn attack on HK Epoch Times
04:12 UK and EU politicians condemn attack
04:56 Hongkonger condemn attack on Epoch Times
06:20 China sends largest air incursion into Taiwan
07:39 Taiwan unveils new amphibious warfare ship
08:17 U.S. Naval photo issues warning to Beijing
10:37 China’s Alibaba to invest in merchant services
11:58 Traffic camera fines drivers $20m at intersection
13:58 New AUS defence minister calls out Beijing
15:48 Chinese military eyes major Australian ports
17:02 Australian college removes anti-CCP artworks
18:32 Canada warns against travel to Xinjiang region
19:52 Chloe Zhao’s ‘Nomadland’ wins big at UK awards

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China sends largest air incursion into Taiwan; Lawmakers worldwide condemn attack on HK free press
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