Jen Psaki Defends Kamala Harris Not Visiting the Border Yet: ‘She Got a Snack’

Joe Biden’s handling of illegal immigration is so bad …


It is so bad that his administration has been forced to admit (allegedly) that Donald Trump was right about his “Remain in Mexico” policy. Also, that walls work, which is why they are thinking of building more of it. Yes, THAT wall. Biden is clear out of ideas, so he put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of fixing things. Harris will get right to it, too! After she finishes yukking it up at a bakery in Chicago. Chicago is about 1,500 miles away from the border that needs fixing. I Google-mapped it.

Jen Psaki was asked about the optics during Wednesday’s press briefing. Her answer couldn’t have been worse if she had responded, “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl.”

REPORTER: Vice President Harris has been put in charge of addressing the root causes of the border crisis. Last Tuesday she spoke with Guatemala’s president, but she hasn’t visited the border. Or Central America. Or spoken to leaders in El Salvador or Honduras. She was traveling this week to visit a bakery in Chicago. I’m wondering if she’s still working on [the border crisis her administration is responsible for], and could you address the perception that she’s quietly backing off while Secretary Mayorkas is pursuing some Trump-era policies.

PSAKI: Dude, she wanted a cookie first.

The lack of Jen Paaki’s preparedness for obvious questions should be marveled at and studied. It’s as if outside Peter Doocy, she expects all other reporters to ask easier questions. “What’s Joe Biden’s favorite ice cream?” “What enchants Biden about the White House?” “Was Major Biden pooping on the floor his response to Mitch McConnell?” You know, questions a Democrat press secretary expects the press to ask her. Not actual challenging questions about border crises or the president costing mostly black-owned businesses in Atlanta $100 million dollars.

Be better, Jen.

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